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Pierre attended PDAC 2014 the world’s largest exploration and mining convention

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Pierre attended the town hall meeting on beneficiation in Gaborone, Botswana April 2011


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Canadian Diamond Consultants Inc (CDC) specializes in providing independent commercial and policy advice on the Canadian diamond industry. Specific capabilities are highlighted below.

  • Review and advise government policy documents related to the Canadian diamond industry.

  • Review and provide feedback on strategic plans.

  • Review and provide feedback on business plans.

  • Provide or assist with studies and reports related to the Canadian diamond industry.

  • Assist parties interested in penetrating the Canadian diamond industry to explore opportunities.

  • Arrange and assist with meetings of key federal, provincial and territorial officials and elected representatives.

  • Provide audio-visual (PowerPoint) presentations on the status of the Canadian diamond industry focusing on exploration, mining, sale of rough, and the secondary diamond industry.

  • Advise and facilitate contacts with Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, Diavik Diamond Mines Inc (Diavik mine), Rio Tinto Diamonds, De Beers Canada (Snap Lake and Victor diamond mines) and BHPBilliton Diamonds (Ekati mine).

  • Represent the interests of parties in various venues.

  • Executive support services for visiting executives including meeting at the airport, arranging for and guiding executives to calls on local and regional stakeholders.

  • Provide advice on marking diamonds.

  • Provide advice on maximizing diamond manufacturing.

  • Other support as required.
The services would be tailored to the specific needs of the customer through an iterative process.
Les services sont disponibles en francais.

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